About the Event

This is a 50-something mile gravel road RIDE, not a race. The terrain is all north of the Laurentian Divide. There are no killer hills though there are a lot of undulations in the road. Most of it is noticeably within Superior National Forest but there are a couple of spots that open up to farmland.

It is unsupported. We'll come get you if you break your bike beyond field dressing, or arrange a ride with flashing red lights and sirens if you need one; otherwise, you are on your own. There are no stores or gas stations en-route. The only water available is in the form of lakes and streams. Prepare accordingly.

Lunch/dinner is potluck. Bring a dish to pass if you wish to participate--make sure you label your dish. We'll organize the food while you are on the road. We don't have a lot of chairs, so if you want to sit on something other than the ground, you may want to bring your own.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Roster

Ellen Anderson -- Ely
Kim Anderson -- Virginia
Paula Anderson -- Ely
Scott Anderson -- Ely
Kurt Anton
Barb Blair -- Hudson, WI -- Tandem
Bruce Blair -- Hudson, WI -- Tandem
Walt Burns
Brendon Bushman -- St. Cloud
Michael Cameron
Steve Christy -- Hibbing
Larry Dagen
Bill Drinkerd
Luke Drinkerd
Dan Engel -- Virginia
Owen Engel -- Virginia
John Filander -- Biwabik
Mike Garry
David Gavin -- Shakopee
Steve Gillitzer -- Hibbing
Liz Klehm Graves -- Ely
Matt Graves
Curt Gregory -- Royalton
Theresa Gregory -- Royalton
Chris Hagberg -- Aurora
Brian Halstensgaard - Detroit Lakes
Adam Hayes
John Hoch
Frank Huben -- Sauk Rapids
Kirby Jordahl -- Gilbert
Al Jurenek -- Eveleth -- Tandem
Vel Jurenek -- Eveleth -- Tandem
Steve Lampman -- Ely
Crisi Lee
Ian Linder
Tim Linder -- Cotton
Jon Loye -- Duluth
Melanie Maturi -- Chisholm
Dean McCauley -- Ely
Erik Nelson
Jeff Nelson -- Ely
Dave Penn-McGree -- Cities
Ben Peterson -- Cities
Dan Peterson -- St. Augusta
Jake Peterson
Paul Peterson -- Cities
Nate Pfeffer
Kip Praslewicz -- Duluth
Robin Raplinger -- Virginia
Sue Richner -- Tandem
Randy Rudolph
Jenna Sacco -- Hibbing
Joe Sacco -- Hibbing
Thomas Sacco -- Hibbing
Zackary Sacco -- Hibbing
Russ Salzbrun
Bryan Sampson -- Virginia
Joel Schneider
Paul Schoening
Rich Soderberg -- Virginia
Ed Stanek -- Cities -- Tandem
Doug Stanzell
Jennifer Segraves Stanzell
Mari Uutala
Bill Vitali -- Maple Grove
Eric Voegeli
Sveta Vold -- St. Louis Park
Steve Woods -- Shoreview
Susan Woods -- Shoreview
Tom Woods
Chad Woofter
Tom Workman
Joel Zoch

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Registration for the 4th Annual FFGG&PP

Greetings, rider friends!  August 26th will be  here sooner than you think and we hope that you are all just as excited about our 4th annual event as we are.  We know that all but one of you have been patiently waiting for registration to open for this year's Fiddlin' Fifty Gravel Grinder & Potluck Picnic, the best FREE gravel grinder in NE Minnesota. We have a couple of changes to tell you about.

First, in addition to the Fiddlin' Fifty, there will be a Fiddlin' Fun.  Like the Fiddlin' Fifty, the Fiddlin' Fun is a gravel road ride that follows beautiful roads through our area of the Arrowhead.  Unlike the original, the Fun is closer to fifteen miles, rather than to fifty.  It replaces the Junior Gravel Grinder, since we had several adults indicate an interest in a shorter route.

Sample Postcard
The second change is related to registration.  While we enjoy receiving fun postcards in the mail, we understand that some people prefer to do things electronically.  Therefore, you may now register by e-mail.  

We want the same information from you regardless of how you register:  Name, choice of ride, where you are from (city/state), and contact e-mail.  Other information, such as emergency contacts, will be requested on the waivers which will be sent to you before the ride.

Registration will open officially on March 1st and close on August 20th.  Postcard registration remains free of charge.  Those who choose to register electronically will be charged double unless they include some work of poetry or prose.

E-mail your information to us at FiddlinFifty AT gmail.com or send it by postcard to
     Fiddlin' Fifty
     c/o Scott Dahlquist
     6479 Colombe Rd.
     Chisholm, MN 55792
Possible Section of Route

Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 Roster

Bryon Amo, St. Cloud
Sheila Amo, St. Cloud
Ellen Anderson, Ely
Scott Anderson, Ely
Amanda Brennan, Duluth
Aimee Brown, Northfield
Brendon Bushman, St. Cloud
Steve Christy, Hibbing
Chad Dahlquist, Grand Forks, ND
Eli Dean, MT
Mike Eliason, Gilbert
Dan Engel, Virginia
Owen Engel, Virginia
John Filander, Biwabik
Steve Gillitzer, Hibbing
Curt Gregory, Royalton
Theresa Gregory, Royalton
Chris Hagberg, Aurora
Mark Henderson, Virginia
Bill Henning, Ely
Frank Huben, Sauk Rapids
Linne Jensen, Northfield
Anna Johnson, Aurora
Cheri Johnson, Aurora
Keith Johnson, Aurora
Kirby Jordahl, Gilbert
Al Jurenic, Eveleth
Vel Jurenic, Eveleth
Steve Lampman, Ely
Tim Linder, Cotton
Jon Loye, Duluth
Melanie Maturi, Chisholm
Zach Nault
Jeff Nelson, Ely 
Ben Peterson, St. Paul 
Paul Peterson, St. Paul
Max Pittman, Duluth
Kip Praslewicz, Duluth
Rob Raplinger, Virginia
Joe Sacco, Hibbing
Thomas Sacco, Hibbing
Zack Sacco, Hibbing
Bryan Sampson, Virginia
Dave Setnicker, Biwabik
Ed Shaw, Brainerd
Kate Sinner, Duluth
Erik Skelton
Kenneth Slagle, Virginia
Rich Soderberg, Virginia
Briana Sterle
Jeff Thiel, Gilbert

*Junior Gravel Grinders & Pee Wee Grass Burners will not be posted here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Area Lodging for the Fiddlin' Fifty Gravel Grinder & Potluck Picnic

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to our home in August for the third annual Fiddlin' Fifty Gravel Grinder & Potluck Picnic!  Unfortunately, our home isn't large enough to accommodate everybody.  The good news is that there are several area options for those of you who are coming from great enough distances to need an overnight stop. 
McCarthy Beach State Park

For those wishing for a motel, there are at least sixteen within a 15 mile radius of our house.  They are in the towns of Chisholm, Hibbing, Mt. Iron, and Virginia.  Sizes range from the large Chisholm Inn & Suites (218-254-2000) to the small Lakeshor Motor Inn (218-741-3360) in Virginia.  There are also several B&Bs in the area.

Buhl, MN
There are campgrounds within about 15 miles, as well.  McCarthy Beach State Park (218-254-7979) is located in Sidelake.  It has showers and flush toilets, as well as pit toilets.  West-Two Rivers Campground (218-735-8831), owned and operated by the city of Mt. Iron, also has showers and flush toilets.

For a more rustic experience, the town of Buhl has a small campground called Stubler Beach Campground (218-258-3226).  There are good tent sites and a satellite toilet.  There are restrooms and water across the road at Stubler Beach.  It is also possible to throw a tent up on National Forest Land, but areas without established campsites will be without even so much as a pit toilet, so keep that in mind!

We can't comment on the many area forest roads...

See you soon!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Post You've All Been Waiting For!

Here it is, the 2015 Fiddlin' Fifty Gravel Grinder cue sheet!  Those of you who rode last year will notice that it is similar to what you did last year.  We have changed it a little by going further north and by not going quite as far to the south west.  That eliminated a complicated area and decreased the amount of pavement ridden to just a little over 2.5 miles.

If you have problems with this format, send us an e-mail.  We can attach it to e-mail as a Word, Excel, or PDF document.  



0.0 mi

1.7 mi
McNiven Rd

4.8 mi

Cross 25 (paved)

6.3 mi
Sherwood Anderson Rd

11.4 mi
Osborne Rd/Co Rd 461/UT 8130 (paved)

13.1 mi
Co 25 (paved)

13.7 mi
Co 65

Bear right
Stay on 65

17.6 mi
FR 271 (fire #s 10999 & 10989)

18.0 mi
Taconite Trail

19.5 mi
at gate on trail

Continue on Carpenter Rd/UT 8130

21.4 mi

Cross Goodell

Cross Heino

24.5 mi
Anton Rd/Co Rd 492

25.5 mi
Roini Rd/Co 491

Cross Heino

28.6 mi
Goodell Rd/at T (road not posted)

29.6 mi

Cross 73 (paved)

33.0 mi
Mud Hole Rd (@ Dean Forest Rd sign)

36.3 mi
UT 8175/65

37.5 mi
UT 8166/FR 278 (ignore other road signs)

41.6 mi
UT 8168/279/791

45.6 mi
Hwy 73 (paved)

45.8 mi
FR 273

49.0 mi
Barrett Rd

51.9 mi
Franti Rd

53.0 mi
Colombe Rd

53.5 mi
6479 Colombe Rd

Happy riding!